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We are less than a week away till opening night! Make sure to get your tickets at the Box Office they are only $5. Come see a great musical with your “old friends” and new ones too!

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The first production of the year, “The Flick”, is only three weeks away! Get your tickets now, they are only $5 for SHU students. We can’t wait to have you back in the Edgerton enjoying live theatre. Click the link in our bio for more info.
-At this time, our audience are currently limited to SHU community. Please contact the box office for any questions.-

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“The king’s name is the tower of strength.”
But not all kings are men.

Our all female production of “Richard III” is only six days away.
Get your tickets today!
#SHUTheatreArts (V.B. Jake Doble)

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It is within the arts that we have the ability to express ourselves, push boundaries, speak truths and challenge others.
This time, and always, we support inclusion, equality and respect. We stand with those who are misrepresented, underrepresented and not represented at all.
We will continue to use our voices and our art to call for equality for all of humankind.
For additional messaging from University President, Dr. John Petillo, please visit the link in our bio.

#sacredheartuniversity #weareshu #SHUTheatreArts

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On this side of the tracks...it’s our photoshoot! Stay tuned for the poster, and in the meantime get your tickets for “The Great American Trailer Park Musical!” #SHUTheatreArts #ArmadilloAcres ...

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Opening night is tomorrow! We can’t wait to welcome you to The Flick Theater. Make sure to get your tickets for next weekend too, October 8th-11th. Tickets are only $5 for SHU students.

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Opening night is only two days away.
Come see “Falsettos” this heart warming musical will remind you that love can tell a million stories!
(V.B. Matt Kreckie & A.B. Sven Vogel)

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On this side of the tracks…meet the kooky residents of Armadillo Acres!
Make sure to get your tickets for “The Great American Trailer Park Musical!”
Feb. 13th-16th
Feb. 20th-23rd


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